Sunday, May 22, 2011


What are cladograms?
Wikipedia is always the best friend for venturing in a totally unknown field. Cladogram. A cladogram is a diagram used in cladistics which shows ancestral relations between organisms. You can get them if you look for them carefully on wikipedia. I have got some I don't remember where I collected them from.

Here is a page on Phylogenetic trees which I had already looked at while preparing my proposal.

There is this another thing called the phyloXML format. There is a lot of work done on it. There is a sample phyloXML file taken from the same place.

What's a clade? A clade is grouping of an organism and all its descendants.

GeoPhylo Engine is actually something very similar to what I am building. It is different in the sense that it takes a PhyloXML file and not an NeXML file to generate the kml tree.

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  1. coming from a biologist...this is a great (and short) video that summarizes these concepts