Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mapping of Data

One major obstacle here is mapping the nexml info into the phylogenetic tree. Since the forester libraries were made keeping the PhyloXML format in mind therefore a perfect mapping would not possible until the forester libraries are changed.
Here are the attributes that can be mapped directly.The other will be left unmapped !

-- PhylogenyNode

              -- BranchData (almost everything in branch data will be used)
                              -- BranchColor
                              -- BranchWidth
                              -- Confidence (iff confidence values are provided in nexml)

              --_node_name and _distance_parent have already been used.

              -- NodeData

                              -- Distribution (will be used for attaching the lat/long)
                              -- PropertiesMap (will be used for various properties)

I had used Identifier as node id. I don't think that this is correct and should be changed. Christian suggested me this page to gain an insight into how phyloXML format has been complied with while building the forester library.

I think for now these values would be sufficient to be displayed on the map. :)))

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